Bio: I am a aspiring writer and therapist and I am currently on a Religious Journey and Refuge. I am learning about life through the Human Condition and am going to be going back to College this coming Summer. I am not into strange things I love obscure persons and things. I am very eccentric and very Neurotic and I love learning about psychology and the Human Conditions. I love to read and watch my Favorite television shows and I have an eye for strange Fashisons. I love the word Manners and Fashions and I am a more true persons then I am sinnered if that makes sense. I am bisexual and I love Jesus very much. I know people don't think the two go together but they do very much and I believe in Grace and not in things being Condemning in Manners and Fashions. I am Angelic and very sad a lot, because I lack the love I so truly desire in my life. I am in love with someone Spirtually and that makes me life worth living right now...I am Holding On to Faith In Words and Clips and Phrases. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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