Time and Nothing Else

by soulseekeraven

ImageI am thinking about my spirituality and how it defines me in several ways…I think that things are either very true or very sinnered its hard for me to believe in what Jesus speaks of and that’s being Sinnered and True at the same time. I think about how in the bible it states that a person can work all day and a person can work for just one hour and receive the same penance and I cant quite understand that when it comes to the symbolic version of one person being so ill and tortured through out their whole life while one person was only tortured a little and lived a very grandiose life style….How is it the same that we all receive our Daily Bread in the same manners and shapes, but some of us are very devoted and others are not and they go on to skip past the long and narrow road to heaven just because they did not know who Jesus was and what Jesus did for all of us covered in the blood of sin. The true statement of what it means to be born again, to have not know Our Savior and then to be washed free of all sins through salvation. Some of us grow up with the knowledge of the Lord and never see such a thing as being washed completely clean of our sins in this lifetime here on earth. What does it all mean I keep asking myself in relevance to why I am so sick phsycially and have so little in my life, yet people I know who don’t believe have so much and are so untortured and don’t even know the smallest details of what life means in a religious Catholic way. I think I have a lot of ask God about in the coming year when it comes to Faith and walking in the Dark….To run and not grow weary and to be cast upon wings like an Eagle….To know peace that the world cant Give….To be on the path of Righteouness….I need salvation myself and I deeply need the Grace and Mercy Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during this time of year when the Son was born onto us to relieve us from the pain of sin and to wash us clean through his blood. Amen. Amen. Amen. Love Kasienka