Steven LevenKron Patient

by soulseekeraven

I am thinking about how much I want to do something I shouldn’t do anymore…And that would be cut my left arm with my boxed razor…A special razor fit just to cut myself when I feel I can no longer take the pressure and pain of being a manic depressive persons. Most people don’t understand what its like to be a very religious persons in a liberal persons body…A Gay Gay woman’s body…One that has been Anorexic since she was in the third grade and is now in some state of disgust at herself for weighing way more then she ever has all do to the suedo recovery movement! I am so tired of persons trying to be people they are not and how badly persons are  judged for trying to escape pain in the only ways they know how to. What happened to the 90s and Gia Heroin Chic? I would like to know why we are all running around reading books by Hazeldan and trying to recovery in ways that are no possible? I have been bettering myself through psychoanalyzing features and fashions for way to long now and the sick think is I crave it more then I ever have. I want to see a therapist and spew out word vomit all over the place its the only place to vent how one truly feels. I am such a Steven Levenkron Patient and I don’t need help for it I need Help undoing all that Evangilism has poured forth onto me, making me think that I am such a terrible persons for being a bisexual who truly speaks her mind about how she feels about life and just wants to be in love with the spirit she is seeking with her soul and all she has go give in Love and War. Amen. Amen. Amen. Love Always Kasienka

Surrender My Soul